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Tired of cheap, uncomfortable pasties that won't even last a full night out? — our Pasties are for you!

MyVanna Pasties

MyVanna Pasties

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💜  Super Seemless
⭐️ 8X8 CM (One Size, Fits All)
🍑  Gentle to the Skin 
✨  Self Adhesive 
🌱  100% Mineral-based Silicone 
💦  Reusable & Washable
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Seriously, So Thin & So Seamless ✨

Thicker center for coverage with precision-thin edges that blend seamlessly to your skin.

Stick You Won't Believe

Nothing is worse than a cover that won't stick, especially at the worst time.. when you are out! Our Pasties are built to last.

Sweat Resistant & Resilient 💦

Don't sweat it. Our Pasties stay put all day no matter what the conditions outside.

Long Lasting ~ 120 Uses

We made our Pasties TOO good. Most MV Babes don't need to purchase again forever.. Because their first pair last ages!

MyVanna Off Brand
Sweat Resistent
Cost $$$
  • Eco-friendly & Latex free

    Made from 100% mineral-based silicone and free from latex!

  • So seamless

    Never worry about your reusable pasties ever showing through or awkward lines again!

  • Reusable & Easy to wash

    Simply rinse & wash with mild soap and water. Then air dry, store and wear again!

  • Light-reflection shield

    Wear bright whites in the sunshine and take that picture with the flash on. Our pasties not only shield your nipples but blocks light too!

  • Love It

    I love these so so much, I've been going bra a lot less more. It's pretty much always hot in So Florida, so it's a blessing when I can go bra less. But how my nipples were built, I couldn't. This solved that problem and they stay on all day! I love these!

    Vanessa T - Verified Buyer

  • Feels like I have nothing on!

    The color was practically seamless and the fit is so good, I can hardly tell I'm wearing them. I wear these daily as I've stopped wearing a bra altogether, but I need something to hide my nipples.

    Gina Z - Verified Buyer

  • You need to try them!

    Came across a TikTok video and figured I’d try them out - pleasantly surprised by how well these work. Have worn them daily for about 1 week now and still work fine. Also important to note: I have extremely sensitive skin but have not found these irritating at all. Will definitely buy again in the future!

    Oliva E - Verified Buyer

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Nipple Covers made with you in mind.

Most covers do not end with a pleasant experience.. Bulky, not sticky enough, non washable, low quality pasties forcing you to constantly rebuy. Sound familiar?

We crafted our MyVanna Pasties specifically to combat these issues, creating the perfect pastie.