4 Effective Ways Pasties Elevate Your Outfit

Annoying bra straps aren’t only uncomfortable, but can take away from a sheer top or outfit with an exposed back. Don’t let not having the right bra stop you from wearing that cute top you’ve been wanting to wear out.


Pasties provide added comfort and a seamless style so you can wear any outfit you want out without having to worry about going braless or not.


Rather than having to decide between sacrificing your modesty or selecting a different outfit entirely, pasties give you the opportunity to feel comfortable wearing any outfit you want without fear of a wardrobe malfunction or feeling uncomfortable going braless all day or night.


Learn how pasties can help elevate your wardrobe and boost your confidence to feel your best self for endless fun nights out.


1.   Comfortability For A Long Day Or Night Out

What’s one of the first things you do after a long night out with friends?  Take your bra off.


Bras, no matter what cut or type, are uncomfortable. There’s a reason you likely go braless in the comfort of your own home.


What if you had the chance to go braless, while maintaining your modesty in public?


Pasties give the feel of going braless, while still providing coverage to feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.

2.   Stop Worrying About Annoying Bra Straps

We’ve all been there. You have a super cute sundress with an exposed back or crop top that just doesn’t look right with a bra on.


Instead of returning or giving up on that outfit for good because your exposed bra straps ruin the outfit, consider wearing pasties.


Pasties eliminate the unflattering exposed bra strap look so you can confidently wear any outfit you want out.

3.   Seamless Look

Even if your bra straps aren’t exposed, a sheer top or light fabric can make it quite revealing, no matter what bra you wear.


Pasties provide a seamless look so you don’t have to worry about your bra’s outline being on full-display.


Likewise, pasties provide modesty without the outline being visible or the color itself not matching your skin tone.  My vanna offers a variety of pastie colors so you can find the exact pasties for your skin tone.


4.   Pasties That Will Last All Day Or Night

There’s nothing worse than enjoying a night out with friends, or worse a date, and having one of your pasties fall off.


Not only is this situation embarrassing, but this can make you feel self-conscious and easily ruin your night.


Not all pasties are the same. Cheap, low-quality pasties, though they may seem to get the job done when getting ready for your night out, won’t last the whole night.


Don’t take the risk of your pasties falling off because you bought cheap pasties. My vanna offers long-lasting pasties that you can wear with confidence all night long.


And, the best part is, my vanna’s pasties are easy to wash so you can reuse your pasties time and time again for endless nights out.


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